In 2020 I became involved with a project that surveyed & reported on sexual harassment and sexual assault in the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu community. 
The survey collected 1500 responses from 50 countries and the resulting report needed to be presented in a clear, unbiased and tactful way. I handled every visual aspect of the report — art direction, page layout, and chart creation. 
With 66 pages and 49 figures, this was one of the largest and most meaningful projects I've worked on to date.
In 2021 the BJJ community witnessed a long overdue #metoo moment. After one or two serious accusations towards well-known figures surfaced, dozens of other women were inspired to share their own stories of sexual harassment and sexual assault from members of the community. 
As a response, much of the online community became defensive, suggesting that, because BJJ is a full contact grappling sport, many sexual assaults could just be attributed to misunderstandings or sloppy technique. I realized I needed to dig back into the data and build some visuals that I couldn't fit into the original report. 
This infographic highlights two points: 
• Assaulters and harassers overwhelming target new or lower ranked people. 
• Sexual assaults are not misunderstandings. 

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