In 2021 I stumbled across this classic XKCD: One week later it was still rattling around my brain when I realized that I have all the tools and skills to make it a reality.
This is my favorite InDesign scripting side project I've made so far. And I had a blast nerding out over tiny InDesign discoveries like: 
• Insertion points are simultaneously at the end of one line and at the beginning of the next line.
• Menu items have a character limit before they get elipsized.
• If you horizontally scale one character in a ligature the ligature gets removed.
• You can put emojis basically anywhere you find text. (on a mac)
I also got to make my own little snake font. 🐍
Midway through I took a break from coding to give the snakes tiny hats. They are controlled through text alternates and can be turned on and off. 
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